Jason Killian Meath
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The Pepperoni Palm Tree
Fuze Publishing

An enchanting new children's book about a little boy and one extraordinary palm tree. Written by father-son team Jason Killian Meath and Aidan Patrick Meath with illustrations by Kirk Parrish. Discover a new friend... in a world full of coconuts! Order Now! Visit www.PepperoniPalmTree.com to learn more. 
Pepperoni Palm Tree

"vivid illustrations, bursting with color and life,
compliment the zany text and bring out the strangeness of the jungle...
The whole thing has a touch of Seuss about it."

- Kirkus Reviews

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Hollywood on the Potomac
Arcadia Publishing

When Washington and Hollywood meet, politics can become entertaining and showbiz can get serious. Hollywood on the Potomac features hundreds of photographs of rarely seen meetings -- from Truman to Obama, Sinatra to Clooney.

Message from Jason
“The rarely seen photographs and stories in Hollywood on the Potomac conjure memories and challenges of several generations, spanning decades of history. Some may see them as Washington politician and Hollywood star, but they are really just Americans trying to leave a mark on the world in their own way.” 

  HOTP Cover

book images

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(Photo courtesy Cecil Stoughton/John F. Kennedy Presidential Library, Boston.)
(Photo courtesy Ronald Reagan Library.)
(Photo courtesy White House, Eric Draper.)
(Photo courtesy Joe Crimmings Photography.)
(Photo courtesy National Archives.)



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