Jason Killian Meath
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FOX 5 News:
Political Headlines with Fenn and Meath
October 15, 2014

A second healthcare worker in Dallas, Texas has tested positive for Ebola. This comes as the CDC says there was a breach in protocol at the hospital and nurses claim there was no system for treating the first Ebola patient. Democratic political strategist Peter Fenn, and GOP political strategist Jason Kilian Meath, joined us with analysis. WATCH THE VIDEO >>

FOX 5 News:
Political Headlines with Fenn and Meath
March 13, 2013

Democratic political strategist Peter Fenn and Republican media strategist Jason Meath joined Fox Morning News DC to discuss political headlines. WATCH THE VIDEO >>

Kirkus Reviews: The Pepperoni Palm Tree
Oct. 16th, 2012

"The whole thing has a touch of Seuss about it." READ THE REVIEW >>

The Military Officers Association of America:
Jason Killian Meath Wins GI Film Festival Award for "The Surge: The Untold Story"
June 23, 2010

WASHINGTON, DC – Xenophon’s Jason Killian Meath won the 2010 Military Channel Award at the GI Film Festival for his 2009 feature documentary "The Surge: The Untold Story," which tells the story of the military surge in Iraq in 2007 and 2008. READ MORE >>

HOLLYWOOD ON THE POTOMAC: National Press Club Book Fair
NOV 17, 2009

Jason Killian Meath talked about his book Hollywood on the Potomac (Arcadia Publishing (August 24, 2009). In his book he talks about the relationship between presidents and celebrities. READ MORE AND WATCH THE 7 MINUTE VIDEO >>

Hollywood rubs elbows with D.C.
Book 'Potomac' recounts history between celebs and U.S. prexys
By TED JOHNSON | Oct. 17, 2009, 3:28pm PT

Not a week goes by without some star stopping by 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue -- the latest being Marc Anthony, George Lopez and Gloria Estefan, for the Fiesta Latino concert on the White House lawn last week. But as much as President Obama is embraced by celebrity -- and vice versa -- the mix is really nothing new. "Hollywood has always been involved in politics," says Jason Killian Meath, a media strategist and author of "Hollywood on the Potomac," a just-released book of photos and history. The tome, from Arcadia Publishing, details just how close that relationship has been over the years. READ MORE >>

By PATRICK GAVIN | 9/7/09 10:00 PM EDT

We hear more and more about how Washington is becoming a more hip and popular city--and it's true that we see lots of celebrities coming our way nowadays. To mark the occasion, a new book is out celebrating the DC-Hollywood connection. Jason Meath's "Hollywood on the Potomac" is the latest from Arcadia's "Image of America" series and features more than 200 photographs (including some never before published) exhibiting politico-celeb co-mingling from as far back as the Truman administration. READ MORE >>

Celebrity and Politics Create a Potent D.C. Mix
Sept. 15, 2009 | By Casey Hynes, Roll Call Staff GAVIN

For many people, the election of Barack Obama heralded a new era of glamour and chic for Washington, D.C. The excitement of the youthful new commander in chief seemed to inspire a new connection between the District and Hollywood, as celebrities flocked to the city for inaugural balls and later the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner. There’s no doubt the stars have come out in droves this past year, whether it’s been to stump for a political candidate or advocate a cause close to their hearts. But a new book by filmmaker and political strategist Jason Killian Meath proves that the worlds of celebrity and politics have been colliding a lot longer than that. “Hollywood on the Potomac” is a collection of photographs that illustrates those ties, from images of Bill Clinton greeting Will and Jada Pinkett Smith at the America’s Millennium Celebration in 1999 to Gerald Ford playing golf with comedians Jackie Gleason and Bob Hope at a charity tournament. All of the photos are black and white, even the most recent ones, which enhances the glamour rather than diminishing it. READ MORE >>

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